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Serving the Needs of one of the Biggest Food Markets in the World

The African food market, which makes a USD 3.3 billion business, is considered to be one of the most important markets in the world. Although agribusiness is a major industry in many of the continent's countries, the lack of advanced technology and know-how for an efficient agriculture and food processing industry keeps most of these countries dependent on importing a large number of food products, thus fuelling further market growth opportunities for the global suppliers.

Top industry players around the world emphasize the need for platforms to discover new business and investment opportunities, interact with major stakeholders, share their vision, and discuss key issues concerning the future of agriculture and food in the African Continent.

In response to these needs, IFP Group, the leading event organizer in the Middle East, is proud to be organizing Food Africa - Cairo, the international trade exhibition for food and beverages serving the African market, in Africa's regional hub for business and trade, Egypt.


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