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Established in 1957

Supermarket  &  Retailer  was  born  in  1957  under  the  name,  The  General  Dealer.  This  title  reflected  the  independent  counter  service  stores  that  dominated  grocery  retailing  at  the  time. 

We  concentrated  on  informing  and  inspiring  our  readers  on  modern  retailing  methods,  including  the  self-­‐service  concept  and  prepacking  merchandise,  which  until  that  point  was  mostly  sold  loose  and  weighed  to  the  customer's  request.  We  helped  launch  frozen  foods  and  a  host  of  new  product  categories  to  the  market. 

As  the  industry  moved  from  counter  to  self‐service  and  then  to  the  larger  supermarket  format,  we  have  kept  our  readers  at  the  cutting  edge  of  the  industry. 

Who  we  are  today 

Fast  forward  to  today...
We're  now  a  specialised  media  group,  which  focuses  on  fast  moving  consumer  goods,  retailers,  wholesalers  and  suppliers. 

We  help  our  readers  explore  new  store  formats  (hybrids,  supermarket/fuel  retailer  collaborations  etc.),  embrace  new  technologies  (online,  mobile,  social  networking),  and  improve  the  efficiency  of  the  entire  operation  –  from  supplier,  distribution  centre,  store  shelf  to  customer  basket.  All  the  while,  facing  new  threats  both  locally  and  abroad.

What  we  do

We  bring  retailers  and  wholesalers  the  latest  industry  news,  store  formats,  category  reports,  merchandising  and  promotion  ideas,  operating  efficiencies,  international  trends  and  lessons  in  our  monthly  publication,  Supermarket  &  Retailer.  Plus  there's  our  annual  Equipment  & Services  Buyers  Guide  –  the  handbook  for  every  new  and  expanding  store.

Our  reach  is  not  limited  to  South  African  borders  and  we're  presently  growing  our  database  of  readers  in  other  African  countries.

We've  also  added  a  full  range  of  digital  media  to  our  bouquet  of  media  platforms  and  products: 

  • Our website receives around 8 500 visits from 6 500 unique visitors per month
  • Equipment & Services Buyers Guide online version
  • New Product Mobi Site (, with New Product Alerts being sent out to 10 000 decision makers (Jan 2013)
  • Updates: our weekly newsletter full of industry news for retailers and suppliers
  • Promo Email: an opportunity to broadcast news and upcoming events to over 8 651 retail and supplier decision makers (April 2013)
  • Plus a strong presence on Twitter (@supermarketmag) and most recently, Pinterest (Supermarket Space)

How you can get involved?

  • Advertise with us to get your brand proposition message across the entire retail spectrum.
  • Ask our trade ad experts for ad ideas that will positively boost your brand's success.

Who can you contact:

Helen Maister
[email protected]

Marlane Williams
[email protected]