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P.O. Box 885, Howard Place, 7450

Company Overview

Euroshelf is a South African Company with a solid reputation for innovation, reliability and all round good customer service. We are based in Airport Industria near Cape Town, South Africa, conveniently 1km from Cape Town International Airport. Among our customers we include many of South Africa's Blue Chip retailers and petroleum companies as well as a number of export customers.

Euroshelf Shelving

The ingenious simplicity and aesthetic appeal of the Euroshelf system makes it an excellent foundation for a number of uses. These range from retail store displays, to queue systems, cold room, medical and other storage solutions, point of purchase displays and many other uses.

Finishes Available


* Mild Steel
* Epoxy coated
* Electro galvanized
* Chrome plated
* Euroseal corrosive resistant finish for cold rooms.
* Stainless Steel
* Electro polished – bright mirror type finish
* Chemically cleaned – mat finish

Euroshelf Display Cabinets

Euroshelf Display Cabinets are all mini cabinets designed to make maximum use of very limited space. Installed in well over 1000 convenience stores they are tried and tested.

Cabinets types available:

* Hot / Pie Warmer
* Chilled
* Ambient
* Bain Marie
* Served
* Self service
* Counter mounted
* Free standing

Product List
Bakery / deli display cabinets
Ball display stands
Bread displays
Braai wood and charcoal display stands
Bottle store shelving
Boutique food store display shelving
Chemist display shelving
Chip display stands
Cold drink fridge shelves
Cold room shelving
Column display stands
Computer stores displays
Display shelving
Cut flower stands
Egg display stands
Freezer room shelving
Gondola end display stands
Gondola side stacks
Hi-fi display shelving
Homeware display shelving
Home furniture
Impulse display stands
Island merchandise display stands
Kitchenware display shelving
Magazine display stands
Newspaper display stands
Point of purchase displays
Queue merchandising display stands
Restaurant and catering shelving Toilet paper displays
Tea trolleys and other trolleys
Vet shop display shelving

Island Merchandiser with Header
Circular Cut Flower Stand
Bakery Display Cabinets

Product/Service Categories
Hot food display equipment mnfrs
Display cabinets self contained mnfrs
Special store display units incl. mobile racks
Shelving / gondola system mnfrs
Cross Merchandising Systems / Accessories
Display Baskets