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Company Overview

G4S is the world’s leading provider of security solutions.

We specialise in outsourced business processes in sectors where security and safety risks are considered a strategic threat. In Africa, G4S is the largest private sector employer with over 112 000 employees in 30 countries in Africa.

Universally, cash is a prominent method of transacting and therefore needs to be managed by an industry leader in order to reduce risk to you, your staff and patrons.

A true end-to-end cash management solution includes in-store technology; cash cycle software; cash transportation and processing services as well as the monitoring and maintenance of the hardware and software utilised. This ultimately results in complete cash security and peace of mind.

In South Africa, G4S Cash Solutions has a national footprint of 36 branches and a custom-designed fleet of more than 700 armoured vehicles, a solid infrastructure to manage the logistics of your cash. Our service offering includes cash transportation, cash processing, insurance, ATM solutions and we are particularly pleased to introduce two innovative retail cash solutions:

G4S CASH360.
The G4S CASH360 retail solution takes the concern of managing cash off your hands with a suite of advanced, automated cash handling systems that utilise the best hardware, software and transportation services currently available, reducing the risk of cash held in-store. We are able to insure your cash throughout this end-to-end cash management solution, which includes monitoring and maintenance of both the hardware and software, offering security and peace of mind.

G4S Online.
G4S Online provides a secure, effective and convenient web-based solution for businesses utilising G4S cash centres to make cash deposits and withdrawals. This software enhances the cashflow of your business and optimises your cash-handling process, providing more security and allowing you total control of your cash without the limits of banking hours.

Understanding and managing cash cycles is one of our core skills. Central banks, commercial banks and retailers outsource their cash management to G4S as we have the capability and experience to drive substantial efficiencies in the system, whilst achieving maximum return four our customers over the longer term.

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