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Gerber Packaging started in 1993, as a division of the Gerber Goldschmidt Group (SA) (Pty) Ltd. We specialise in every aspect of the Fresh Produce Industry, with particular focus on supplying systems, processing equipment, complete pack house solutions packaging (pack house) equipment, labels and consumables. The hallmarks of our company stand on the pillars of:

Productivity, Innovation, Aesthetics, Cost Saving and Service Excellence 


1. Enterline from Korea. TRAY/TOP SEALERS A brilliant, FULLY AUTOMATIC, 550 trays per hour, table model, top sealing machine for trays and glasses. Sealing with anti-fog film. Can withstand all freezing and microwave temperatures. Film wastage is absolute minimal 3-5%. And automatically neatly trimmed with fantastic presentation. Seal is either easy peel or permanent seal. Huge range of PP & PET trays available in black or white or clear. 

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2. Citrocasa from Austria, POMEGRANITE & Citrus Juicers. Citrocasa have a range of table top and floor models that will fully automatically separate the juice from the peel from the pips of the fruit at a rate of 22-40 fruits per minute. These machines will easily pay for themselves within a few months. They are very robust machines. 

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3. From France - Santos Centrifugal Juicers up to maximum 120 litres p/h; cheese graters, ice shavers 50kg p/h., and Ice crushers. The juicers will juice the majority of fruits and vegetables, separating the juice from the dry waste pulp. Operating and cleaning these machines is extremely easy and fast. 

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4. From Italy - Besser Italian Vacuum machine range is very extensive, from small table top to large floor standing double chamber units. Also a range of External vacuum packing machines Options include gas, soft vacuum for liquids, various layouts of welding bar. They are robust and fast operating units and great value! 

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5. From the USA Blendtec Blenders for bars and chefs recording up to 200,000 blends hassle free. They crush ice easily and have up to 30 programs already built into the machine. The Motor Spline is guaranteed for life. This  is the brand of preference of many global companies. The World’s Quietist Commercial Blenders. Powerful and most advanced blenders in the market. 50% more powerful than any competitor. 3.0 and 3.8 peak horsepower. 


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6. From France is Robot-Coupe which include Food Processors, Blixers, Blenders, Vegetable processing machines, Power Mixers. 

7. From Germany is Kronen machines which include Food Processors, Blenders, Vegetable processing machines, Power Mixers. Vegetable washers and spin dryers. Also Pineapple peelers and corers.

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8. From the OSCAR Electronic Company in Korea: Matstone 6 in 1 Wheat grass juicers are excellent for juicing wheatgrass; they can also juice many other fruits and vegetables as well as extract oil from seeds. 

9. From Germany Food Freshly Shelf Life Extenders for Fresh Produce is a range of products for disinfecting, sanitizing, destroying bacteria, viruses & moulds, retaining freshness and extending shelf life up to 21 days for fresh fruit and vegetables; whole and cut. All required international safety standards are achieved and sometimes exceeded. A superb product used in many countries for many years now. 

10. From Turkey—Yazicilar: Fully stainless steel: potato/carrot/ginger-root peelers, & onion peelers;  mixers/cutter/homogeniser from 5 - 140 litres.

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11. From Netherlands - Marcelissen:  all turnkey equipment from individual machines to full Processing lines for washing, processing, weighing to packaging vegetables e.g. French Fries to Potato crisps, all cut

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12. From Italy - Tecnoceam: Industrial leafy and other vegetable processing, cooking and bottling machinery.

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