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Being in tune with our customers is child’s play for us.

Tente doesn’t only produce movable products, we are also very flexible. We consider ourselves not only to be a manufacturer, who produces and sells, but also as a service provider. Which is why proximity and flexibility are important principles to us, so that we can enjoy partnerships and smooth cooperations with all our customers.

This means intensive contacts – by phone, e-mail or in person. Our employees and sales partners always find the right way to find quick and unbureaucratic solutions for your problems. Which is how we keep in touch with our customers’ wishes, allowing us to react quickly and specifically with the correct offers.

When it comes to the crunch, we’ve got the necessary reserves.

We bend over backwards to make the apparently impossible possible because one of our particular strengths is our high capacity. Our production capacities have continuously grown over the years alongside the range of products. For this reason, TENTE now offers the best conditions to supply large batch numbers and high quality products, even at short notice.

Yet many enquiries can be fulfilled without interrupting production. Three large warehouses in Tente and the stocks held in the branches and representations are often sufficient to quickly supply customers because despite the broad range of products, popular models are mostly available from the storehouses.

As you can see: You really can rely on TENTE. We are on board if you have to count on the help of a strong partner.

Our recipe is quality - Castors with over 10,000 delicate nuances.

Some things really are solely a matter of taste. The selection of the right castor may well be a very delicate matter, but function is the centre of attention here.

Different materials, different surfaces, different bearings or the large number of wheel sizes stand for the individual properties that each castor must fulfil. Load capacity, surface conditions, environmental influences, cleaning properties, and design – different requirements are made wherever something has to be moved.

Which is why we now produce castors with over 10,000 variations: from unusually designed furniture castors to plastic castors for hospital beds through to heavy duty castors capable of carrying over 11 tonnes.

Speak to us if the castor you require needs to be a touch different. We will be pleased to design what you wish: a quality product entirely made to meet your personal taste.

Weather, acid, heat, cold, water, cleaners – TENTE Quality and ISO 9001 protect against 1001 hazards.

PO Box 26602, East Rand 1462

Swivel castor with central lock
Swivel castor with total lock
Wheel centre made of Polyamide, precision ball bearing

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