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Looking to increase security, improve cash handling processes, speed up security checks or integrate access control and surveillance systems?

Reduce cash handling costs by improving the efficiency of your cash handling processes.

Closed Cash Handling
Replace manual tills with a system which recycles and protects cash from the moment it leaves the customer’s hand until it reaches the cash-counting centre.

Cash Deposit
From front office cash drawer units to back office note counters, each solution is designed to improve cash management and optimise the cash handling process.

Cash Recyling
Self-service terminals for handling large volumes of notes and coins to improve the management of cash for retailers.

Cash Control
Web-based application for managing cash handling in all stores.

Retail Cash Monitoring
Monitoring services to optimise the full cash handling chain and integrate cash handling processes between your stores, your CIT partner and your bank.

Combine all your security functions onto one integrated system with Gunnebo’s electronic security solutions.

Access Control Systems
Real-time management of all your global security and surveillance via a single platform.

Electronic Locks
Simplify and improve lock management with an integrated network of high-security electronic locks.

Recorders and cameras for better site surveillance.

Gunnebo's entrance security solutions give you control over the movement of indivduals to, from and around a site.

Speed Gates
Customisable entrance security for public and commercial buildings.

Full-Height Turnstiles
Internal and external turnstiles where there is a need for a high degree of security without manned monitoring.

Tripod Turnstiles
A compact, cost-effective entrance solution with low power consumption and high reliability.

Half-Height Turnstiles
Entrance Gates designed to combine smooth operation with uncompromised security.

Shop Turnstiles
Point of Sale mechanic and motorised swing gates to guide and control the flow of shoppers at retail outlets.

Revolving Doors
Motorised revolving doors for high profile buildings requiring high security.

Electronic Article Surveillance
Reduce the risk of shoplifting with a cost-effective alarm and tagging system.

Interlocking Doors
Access control and protection against blasts, ballistics and other forms of attack.

Certified safes and vaults ranging from basic security to high-security protection against explosives and diamond core drills.

Protect cash and valuables from burglary with safes in a range of security levels and sizes.

Fire Safes
Certified safes and filing cabinets for the protection of documents and data from fire.

Deposit Safes
For the secure deposit of cash or valuables into a certified safe.

Vaults and Vault Doors
High-security vaults rooms and doors certified up to Grade XII.

Modular Vaults
Certified vault rooms which can be built to requirement.

Safe Deposit Lockers
Automated and mechanical safe deposit lockers.

We give you the tools and expertise required to maximise the performance of your security systems and minimise security threats to your business.

Security Monitoring
Reduce operational costs with remote monitoring services and centralise control over your cash handling processes, alarm systems and surveillance network.

Security Maintenance
Protect your investment in your security systems with preventive, corrective and performance maintenance.

Upgrade and Retrofit Management
Extend the lifetime of your security products and ensure that they will continue to support your business.

Security Audit
Ensure compliance with local security regulations and identify how to improve security processes within your organisation.


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