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Company Overview

GLS Supply Chain Equipment is a competitive, innovative and empowered South African logistics business with a global perspective. Our core expertise lies in materials handling and supply chain optimisation.

At GLS we understand that efficiencies can be extracted and value generated by adopting a holistic perspective of the total supply chain. Accordingly we provide solutions that serve all stakeholders including retailers, manufacturers and producers.

We offer:

Supply chain logistics consulting: cost to serve analysis, business process design and evaluation of equipment options

Equipment pool management including track and trace systems

Global sourcing, supply and development of revolutionary packaging solutions (buy or rent)

Custom .NET software development.

Our shelf-ready software solutions currently includes:

G-Track: our in-house developed, Web-based program, which has specifically been designed for returnable package management

CQuential: in partnership with CQuential, we also offer an affordable, effective, revolutionary Web-based warehouse management system


Customer Mapping: in partnership with one of the leading digital mapping companies we provide a customer location based analysis tool. This tool can run complex queries to compare sales data with census and geo-demographic information.

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Product/Service Categories
Distribution / Logistics - Third-party
Returnable crates, lugs & dollies