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Company Overview

Working hand-in-hand with contractors we deliver quality, cost effective refrigeration solutions

Omega Refrigeration is an established company specialising in the commercial refrigeration needs of the supermarket and foodservice industries. Using a combination of expertise in cabinet manufacturing and refrigeration contracting, and backed up by many years of experience, Omega provides an extensive range of cabinets that can be used within various segments of the market.

Our combined experience of over 75 years in the refrigeration industry allows us to manufacture refrigeration cabinets of superior quality for installers, contractors and store owners. We are pleased to partner with installers and contractors by supplying them with our range of refrigeration cabinets, or bespoke cabinets based on their custom requirements.

Using the latest technology available globally, Omega offers a world-class range of unique cold display cabinets and hot self-service sales cases that boast superior quality, functionality and price. The quality of our products and service is proven by an excellent track record and the high performance levels of our entire range of refrigeration cabinets and displays. 

Put Omega to the test and we will exceed your expectations!

Overall Solution

We are proud of our products and the service that we are known for in the industry, taking on the challenges that are present with confidence and experience to ensure that we have a considered solution that takes into account all elements of the refrigeration cycle from start to finish. We will consult and advise on requirements and design, implement and maintain your refrigeration system and work alongside your business to guarantee a successful outcome, while we are also adept at partnering with accredited installers to provide them with refrigerated display cabinets for their installations.

Measureable Savings

Not only do our cabinets and systems save you money versus all of the competitors, but they also lead to huge energy savings which help to ensure environmental sustainability and general cost saving. This is an increasingly important consideration given the rising cost of energy and the need for greener ways of conducting business. Our energy efficiency is a top consideration, as it leads to further benefits for our clients.

Endless Innovation

The promise we make to our customers and ourselves is that we will consistently innovate and improve our product offering to maintain the latest refrigeration technology updates, fulfilling our aim of being at the pinnacle of refrigeration excellence and leading innovation with a tireless work ethic. Our cabinets are designed with innovation and aesthetic mastery in balance, to ensure a product of incredibly high standard. Our dashboard allows us to monitor the refrigeration systems remotely, which also enables us to detect and address performance issues proactively.

Great Quality

It is our mission to constantly exceed expectations, delivering above and beyond what our competitors are capable of producing, and ensuring that our quality remains of the highest standard throughout all stages of the refrigeration consultation, implementation and maintenance process. We continue to work with our clients to ensure that ensure that efficiency and reliability is maintained as promised, while our work with installation contractors allows us to become a partner in their success too, thanks to our excellent quality display cabinets.

Ability to Implement Systems Rapidly
We not only believe in the need for quality and innovation within our industry, but also the fact that these elements of our products are rendered even more valuable if they are provided to clients with time as a consideration of utmost importance. We do not want our customers to wait, and we endeavour to work to implement as fast and efficiently as possible, while ensuring the least disturbance possible for revamps where stores are able to continue trading as we install.

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