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Extend the shelf life of your meat, HMR and fresh produce

Grow sales and profits with a complete gas flush semi-automatic packaging system in your store with our gas-flushing ITALIAN machine.

Extending shelf-life of meat packed in-store up to 15 days. You’ll cut the costs of repackaging or repurposing product approaching expiry date. You’ll also be able to build up packed stock ahead of holiday trading periods.

We offer local meat containers or imported CPET containers which are good for heating and cooking in ovens and microwave. Completing the package is our range of lidding films that provide professional, good looking and airtight seals.

We offer the full system and support it. All our products are European.

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FP Basic - This semi-automatic machine ILPRA has conceived the ideal solution to the

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Prepackaging - automatic wrapper / labellers
Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)