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Continuous Communications (ConCom) has been providing in-store radio for over 16 years to South African and sub–Sahara retailers.  Our clients operate under both the Franchise and Corporate models.

At point of purchase we are encouraging and reminding people to buy more, we selling up all the time.  This increases sales and has been proven over the years by more retailers engaging and using our system for over 15 years.  All our promotional messages are heard throughout the store which has far further impact than visual impact in a store.  Subliminal messaging has far more value when someone is about to purchase.

This maintenance free and economical system works successfully in retail sites nationwide including sub-Sahara.  This fully automated system makes it a popular choice amongst South Africa’s largest retailers.  It requires no engagement on the part of the retailer in order to function.

Radio station content is delivered through ConCom’s extensive in-house resources which include script writers, music profilers, a high end recording studio, sound engineers and finally onto a secure FTP site for automatic downloads.

Experienced account management individuals ensure that client exploits the platform to the fullest.  We take pride in our proactive approach in working hard to continually understand our clients brand and communication requirements. 

The ongoing development of our operations and support system ensure that we stay on top of changing retail conditions and technology.  Speed and accuracy of service is the cornerstone of our service delivery.

Our product and services are fully approved and licensed by RISA & CAPASSO, this means what we deliver is legal.  It is the stores responsibility to pay the broadcast fees to SAMRO/SAMPRA.

RISA/CAPASSO – mechanical rights fees, must be paid by the radio provider such as ConCom

SAMRO/SAMPRA – broadcast fees, must be paid by stores.

The most cost effective, powerful medium in your store “reaching your customers like nothing else can!”

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