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Company Overview

Packit Packaging, official distributors for Gruppo Fabbri “Automac” as well as our house brand VALA.

Established in 1972, Packit is a distributor of packaging materials and packaging machines. Packit has offices in the major metropolis of South Africa as well as distributors nationally and internationally.

Packit’s house brand VALA was introduced in 2005. VALA (pronounced Vaa-la) name which means “to close” in Xhosa, most of our range has a sealing component to it, the name is indigenous and simple, and it can be associated with the brand values of Exceptional Quality at Fair Prices and Proven Reliability.

Packit’s success is due to its Continuity of Supply, underpinned by an extensive product range and large inventory plus a striving for Exceptional Customer Service and After Sales Service.
Packit has an extensive machine range and can offer machines at different specifications and price points. Many models in our range are perfect for start-up businesses and for those who want to automate. Other machines are aimed at the higher volume customers where premium specifications are essential.

Machine sales are supported by factory-trained technicians. Packit has been working with its principles from 2005 and 2006 respectively, receiving exceptional technical service and support.



Packit Packaging Solutions - Johannesburg
Tel: 011 791 4823
Fax: 086 626 7611

123 Schooner St
Lazer Park
South Africa

Packit Packaging Solutions - Cape Town
Tel: 021 511 8780
Fax: 021 511 8781

354 Voortrekker Road
Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa


123 Schooner St, Lazerpark, Honeydew, 2170

Packaging Machines
Cardboard Boxes
Carrier bags

Product/Service Categories
Vacuum Packaging
Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
Prepackaging - automatic wrapper / labellers