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Issue: June 2016

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Main Feature: Store Design - Security: Balancing Function and form(PDF)

Feature Story: Food Service & deli - Put the focus on food services

Food Focus: Health Foods - Healthier foods earn healthier profits

Delight your Customers: Store emergencies - do you have a plan?

Storewatch: An alternative retail model

Other Features (not available for online viewing)

  • What's new? All the latest products, new variants and packaging.

  • S&R / Field Agent Barometer: The good, bad and ugly of defensive merchandising.

  • On Promotion: August is Women’s Health Food month with a number of special days dedicated to vegetables and healthy eating. Yes! You should do your bit to encourage people to cut down on salt. Look out for the August promotional calendar.

  • Back to Basics: Moments of truth.

  • Industry News and Diary: A collection of local and international items of interest to retailers, plus a calendar of upcoming trade fairs and events