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Attract new customers through gamification

Gamification works in retail because it helps brands engage with their customers. Game mechanics also make shoppers believe that the more they shop, the more they stand to gain. Gamification has the ability to drive new and returning customers to your store, while offering insights into how shoppers engage with your brand.

| Token Hunt

“There are a plethora of loyalty programmes out there, but gamification offers something different,” says Token Hunt founder and developer Patrick Mositsa.

“Loyalty programmes run on a longer term basis and while they certainly influence return customers, what gamification can achieve, is more immediacy in buying behaviour. Having said that, loyalty programmes can compliment gamification.” Mositsa adds.

Token Hunt was designed as a highly affordable way for retailers drive sales conversion and where social media marketing has great reach, conversion remains the challenge.

Mositsa also believes that customers could do with something to lift their spirits right now and gamification could just contribute some positive emotion when it comes to shopping. And of course this isn’t just about lifting the spirits of the shoppers, but there are real rewards and benefits that can change the entire shopping experience of the shoppers to want to return for more.


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