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Gamification vs. loyalty programs – where do brand owners find more flexible promotion options

Many would argue that these are one and the same. Gamification and loyalty programs are seen to boost customer engagement. Academic research on the topics does not, however show this to be absolutely true.

| Token Hunt

Could it be that the concept of loyalty is creating a restrictive environment for the customer, where the customer is torn between the collection of loyalty points as opposed to purchasing the item based on competitive pricing?

Patrick Mositsa, founder of Token Hunt has the following to say; “loyalty programs must be working as there appears to be demand for them by brand owners, but the cost of design and implementation are prohibitive for many”.

“The brand owner of today is looking for the same flexibility that customers have,” Mositsa adds.

“Think about it. If you’re a consumer you can Google or Price Check product and find the lowest cost. But if you’re the brand owner, your choices are advertising, loyalty points (which is also shared via advertising), influencer marketing, (also advertising?)

“I think the point is clear. Brand owners need more solutions, that provide them with less predefined product promotion”.

There are so many questions around this complex topic, such as ‘can brand loyalty in an FMGC environment work with so much competition?’.

Mositsa believes it can’t and that engaging customers in more creative ways such as gamification, is one of the solutions.

“At Token Hunt we look covert to sales. While brand awareness is part of it, it’s really about maximizing conversion and gamification can do that, while not breaking the bank development another loyalty program.

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