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Pick n Pay donates 8,000 crates to help save uct library materials

Pick n Pay has sourced an additional 6,000 crates, delivered from as far as Johannesburg over this past weekend, to help the critical work being done by the University of Cape Town to salvage and restore valuable academic resources housed in the historical Jagger Library, much of them damaged in the recent Table Mountain National Park fires.

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This brings the total number of crates donated to 8,000. The first 2,000 crates, supplied by CHEP, were delivered by Pick n Pay early on Friday morning, 23 April, after receiving the call for urgent assistance late the night before.  

“We were contacted by the UCT executive team who were in urgent need of crates to help store books, documents, maps and manuscripts from the Jagger Library. Over the weekend, they contacted us saying they were in dire need of more pallets and we sent our trucks to collect crates, offered by the Paul Cluver Wine Farm in Elgin, as well as from our Longmeadow Distribution Centre in Johannesburg. Delivery of these additional 6000 crates commenced on Sunday and will be completed on Tuesday,” says Suzanne Ackerman-Berman, Transformation Director Pick n Pay.

The crates are used to store the materials carefully in a single layer as they cannot be stacked.   

“The university has a very short period of time within which to collect and store the precious material before the meticulous restoration process begins. We are honoured to have been called on to make a small contribution towards this important work of saving a part of history,” says Nel.  

The Jagger Reading Room, which was destroyed by the fire, is part of UCT Libraries’ Special Collections and housed a unique collection of more than 83,000 items of African studies material and other specialised subjects, as well as 1 300 sub-collections of unique manuscripts and personal papers.  

At the delivery of the first 2000 crates on Friday morning. Ujala Satgoor, UCT Libraries: Executive Director, said, “It’s indeed a sad time for us at UCT and for our history as we mourn the loss of a great institutional asset. We are comforted by the outpouring of help from all corners to salvage some part of this significant collection so that future generations may continue benefiting through the expansion of knowledge and consciousness from others that came before them. Today we want to thank Pick n Pay and CHEP for their rapid response and generosity that added to the to the conservation and restoration process.”  

The spread of the fire to other parts of the library was prevented owing to fire shutter systems installed in the building activating during the blaze. However, the library’s contents in the basement suffered water damage as a result of the water used to douse the flames.  

These items are in the process of being packaged in the crates and sent for cold storage, after which an intensive and scientific process of restoring them will commence.  

Speaking on site at the Jagger Library on the arrival of the first donation of 2,000 crates last week, Director of Transformation at Pick n Pay, Suzanne Berman-Ackerman said, “The Jagger Library is very much a part of not just the City of Cape Town, but the entire country. Some of our greatest leaders walked these halls, including some of the most revered international academic minds, all of whom have contributed to positive change in South Africa and the rest of the world.  

“My heart goes out to volunteers trying to salvage and save all the historic information and books. It is an honour to be asked to play a role in the very important work this team is doing now.”


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