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GO GREEN before the green goes

Environmentally friendly food packaging. Certified compostable food packaging made from renewable plant-based resources. Ideal for braais, picnics, outdoor entertainment, parties, and celebrations or everyday home-use.

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Compostable plates made from bagasse which is a by-product of sugar cane.

100% compostable.

Bagasse is home compostable and decomposes within a short period of time.

Plates maintain shape and strength while in use.

The plates are presentable and light in weight.

Available in 2 sizes:  dinner and side plate

Side plate can be used for smaller portions.

Convenient picnic combo pack including plates with cutlery.

Wooden Cutlery:

The raw material for the wooden cutlery originates from FSC managed forests.

Decomposes in a short period of time.

The cutlery is strong and easy to use.

The cutlery is durable and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Convenient combo pack including knives, forks, and dessert spoons.

Full range of cutlery items included in the range: knives, forks, dessert spoons and teaspoons.

Paper Cups:

The raw material for the paper cups originates from sustainably- managed forests.

The PLA lining in the paper cup is made from corn starch which is considered a renewable resource.

Available in two popular sizes:  250ml and 350ml.

PLA paper cups can be used for hot and cold beverages.

Paper Straws:

The paper for the paper straws originates from sustainably- managed forests.

Made from renewable plant-based material.

Paper straws are marine friendly.

The glue used is food grade approved.

The paper straws are wrapped.

Paper straws are a popular and convenient length.

All the products in the range are certified compostable.

Outer packaging is recyclable.

Offered in retail pack sizes for the convenience of the consumer.

High-quality packaging alternative for the eco-conscious consumer

Countrywide distribution

Pack sizes indicated in the trade presenter

We are extremely proud  to present our Precious Planet Range -- sustainable packaging made from renewable plant-based resources

View our website ( for further information on the Precious Planet Range
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