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Webinar: Digitalization of Food Safety

Whether in incoming goods, in refrigerated rooms, in food preparation or in foodservice – in many retail stores and restaurant chains, quality assurance involves time-consuming quality checks and complex analyses.

Learn more on how the efficient solutions from Testo can free yourself from mountains of paper and data chaos while creating full transparency. Digital Quality Management Systems have the potential to achieve considerable savings on both time and money.

Listen to the experts (Chris, Johan and Warren) from Testo South Africa explain how to optimize not only the quality assurance of your restaurant, or retail store, but also how to have more time for activities that add value, for your staff – and of course for your customers.

Also hear from one of their clients – Jonathan Symonds of Hungry Lion - on a first-hand experience of the benefits that the Testo system offers them in their daily tasks and data analysis.

Date: 12th October 2021

Time: 11 to 12

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