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PURA Beverages launches its hard seltzer, PURA Buzz

South African PURA Beverage Company has the market buzzing with the launch of its ready-mix hard seltzer, PURA Buzz.

| PURA Beverages

PURA Buzz contains just 3% ABV, 100% natural ingredients, is low in sugar and comes in three crisp, delicious and refreshing flavours – pineapple and coconut; lemon, lime and mint, as well as watermelon and mint.

Packaged attractively in 300ml black cans, PURA Buzz is a hard seltzer with a twist. The secret ingredient is splash of rum aged in bourbon barrels for three years. The product is also plant based, has a low calorie count, and is preservative and colourant free. These qualities make PURA Buzz stand out from the already noisy hard seltzer market in South Africa.

The South African Ready To Drink market, (excluding beer), is currently estimated at R7.5 Billion, with spirit coolers making up 15% of this. The RTD market is projected to grow to R15.2 Billion in five years with spirit coolers valued at a total value of R2.9 Billion.1 Hard seltzers are one of the fastest growing sectors of the alcohol beverage market, with future growth set to grow.

”There is a growing trend amongst consumers that regard natural ingredients as being important in allowing them to participate in permissive indulgence,” says Greig Jansen, CEO of PURA Beverages. “Our newly launched PURA Buzz is an ideal introduction to South Africa’s hard seltzer phenomenon, offering consumers the option of a slightly better-for-you, great tasting and unique hard seltzer that that satisfies their needs.”

PURA Buzz is sold at an everyday retail price point of R16.99 per unit; R99.99 per six pack or  R379.99 per case of 24 and is available at major retail liquor stores and independents across South Africa. It is instantly connected to the existing strong brand that already has the trustworthiness and credibility of the Live a little PURA ethos, while remaining true to PURA Soda’s audacious brand personality of “Maverick with a cause”.


Trailblazer PURA Soda is the better-for-you soda that is making local and international waves. With the philosophy that everyone should try to “live a little PURA”, they believe that if you are in a position to make a difference, then you should. No grand gestures, just small things that people can all do every day to make the world a better place. 

With roots in Cape Town, South Africa, PURA Soda has cemented its position as a global brand, exporting to 13 countries including the US, UAE and UK. In 2019, they won kudos at the Aurora International Taste Challenge, thrilling expert tasters and being named as the “Best Tasting Non-alcoholic Beverage”. Continuing this winning streak, PURA Soda was then named as the “Best Cold Beverage” at Product of the Year 2020, the world’s largest consumer-voted award for product innovation.


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