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Petrol price shocker for South Africa

Filling a 45-litre tank will cost South African motorists around R55 more from tomorrow (3 November 2021).

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The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy has published fuel prices for November, showing massive increases for petrol, diesel, and illuminating paraffin.

The price of a litre of 93 or 95 unleaded petrol will increase by R1.21. That will take the price of unleaded 93 petrol to R19.32 per litre, while a litre of 95 petrol will cost R19.54.

The news is even worse for drivers with diesel vehicles, with wholesale diesel prices going up by R1.48 per litre. Illuminating paraffin will also rise by R1.45 per litre.

The Automobile Association previously predicted petrol could jump by around 99 cents per litre based on mid-month data, an increase it labelled “catastrophic” for South African consumers.

The increases are primarily due to a weakening rand to dollar exchange rate and soaring global brent crude oil prices.

“The average rand/US dollar exchange rate for the period 01 October 2021 to 27 October 2021 was R14.8175 compared to R14.5654 during the previous period,” the department said in a statement.

In addition, a slate levy of 15.36 cents per litre has been implemented into the price structures to account for a negative balance in the combined cumulative petrol and diesel slate balances.

Below is a summary of the fuel price increases, which will come into effect from Wednesday, 3 November 2021.

  • Unleaded 95 petrol — Increase of R1.21
  • Unleaded 93 petrol — Increase of R1.21
  • 50ppm Diesel — Increase of R1.48 per litre
  • 10ppm Diesel — Increase of R1.48 per litre
  • Illuminating Paraffin — Increase R1.45 per litre

Based on a typical tank size of 45 litres, you will pay between R54.45 and R66.60 more to fill up your car.

The table below compares the prices of fuel in South Africa for October 2021 and November 2021.

Fuel prices in South Africa — November 2021 vs October 2021
Fuel type October price November price
Unleaded 95 petrol R18.33 R19.54
Unleaded 93 petrol R18.11 R19.32
50ppm diesel (wholesale) R15.72 R17.19
10ppm diesel (wholesale) R15.75 R17.23
Illuminating Paraffin R9.80 R11.25

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