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Ensuring quality and Compliance in supermarkets.

Fresh, tasty, appetizing: Customers have high demands when it comes to the quality of foods – and place their trust in you when they go shopping in a supermarket.

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That's why it is your responsibility to ensure that only safe foods end up in the customers' shopping cart. The uninterrupted cold chain is especially important; but the HACCP concept as well as the specific compliance requirements of your business also demand the adherence to temperature limit values and hygiene standards. A new challenge is the preparation of fresh foods in supermarkets, which requires a number of additional quality assurance measures.

The reliable, robust and easy-to-operate food measurement technology from Testo supports you in all these tasks.
We have assembled this application guide to show you how this works. In it, you will find answers to these questions and much more:

• How can I save time checking incoming goods, with fast precise measurements?
• How do I ensure a constant temperature in refrigerated rooms 24/7?
• How can deep-frying costs be effectively reduced?
• Which new measurement tasks does the new fresh prepared food trend involve?

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