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Cleo's Kitchen Making Crazy Memories since 2020

Cleo's Kitchen, a growing pizza, meal preparation and delivery brand committed to cooking and delivering healthy food, giving every client a taste of home and comfort without the hassle at the most affordable price.

| Cleo's Kitchen

Nothing beats the enticing aromas of walking into a kitchen and smelling a mother’s delicious home cooked meal!

From Cleo’s Kitchen to yours, we bring you a variety of delectable meals, which are nutritious, delicious and authentic family favourites.

Mother Cleo’s signature recipes are made with families, love and laughter in mind, which makes for the perfect setting when your family bites into our ever-expanding range of products.

Making use of only the best quality ingredients, every meal from Cleo’s Kitchen will leave you feeling satisfied and wanting for more.

Cleo’s Kitchen – Made With A Mother’s Love!

We would like to DELIGHT our customers by the following:

·           Simplifying our customers' busy schedules by THINKING for them - we will help our customers to decide on what to put on the table;

·           Decreasing STRESS and ANXIETY by saving the customer time on meal planning and preparation;

·           Serving QUALITY meals and pizzas loaded with sensory appeal;

·           Take the hassle out of shopping;

·           Offering customers a VARIETY of meal options in different sizes;

·           Decrease WASTE - no more unnecessary purchases;

·           Rewards Mom with more FREE TIME to spend with her family; and

·           Adding FUN to meal preparation 

Why Cleo's Kitchen?

We believe that Cleo's Kitchen make a perfect fit able to meet all your customers' expectations: fast, incredible pizza and pizza pocket products at the lowest price ALWAYS.

A strong brand is built with a dynamic team that is customer-obsessed and its every breath is based on pleasing its consumers. Your customers are also our customers and for us, it is all about the customer.

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