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Scuffle ensues as protesters disrupt Pick n Pay store over Clover products boycott

There were chaotic scenes at the Pick n Pay store in Observatory on Wednesday afternoon as protesters stormed in, snatching Clover products off the shelves.

Sisonke Mlamla | IOL

As they did so, they called on consumers to boycott the company’s products. Some pasted stickers stating “#BoycottClover, NationaliseCloverUnderWorkersControl, WorkersNeedWayBetter #StopMilkingWorkers” on the products.

Other flyers proclaimed “Stand in solidarity with striking workers and the people of Palestine” with words in bold declaring “Do not buy Clover products” pasted on the aisle and fridges next to Clover products.

Abeeda Adams, co-ordinator of the protest, said they were not against the store, but they were against Clover: “Unfortunately, the store sells Clover products.”

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