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Sifter Powers New Walmart “Shop-by-Diet” Tool Online & In-store

Sifter SP Inc., the Nutrition as a ServiceTM platform, is teaming up with Walmart to help customers take greater control of their health by making it easy to reach personal wellness goals while grocery shopping at Walmart both online and in-store.

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Just imagine a customer avoids dairy or has an allergy to it.  In the new Shop-by-Diet tool, that customer can toggle on “dairy-none” then scan the food item they are interested in and it will let them know if it is a match for their wellness goals. More than 200 million consumers are said to be adhering to a diet or health-related program, while 85 million are reported to have allergies or food avoidances when shopping.

Walmart's new "Shop-by-Diet" tool, powered by Sifter’s technology rolling out today, will help shoppers find foods and supplements that fit their personal dietary and lifestyle goals with greater variety and flavor. Walmart customers will be able to discover and shop for foods based on allergens such as nuts or dairy; medical diets such as diabetes and heart health; and dozens of lifestyle diets, from vegan to keto to kosher. Shoppers also can use the Shop-by-Diet tool to sort through products based on responsible practices like grass-fed, or find products that won’t interact with medications.

“Partnering with Walmart to support customer wellness is exciting for everyone at Sifter," said Andrew Parkinson, co-founder of Sifter. "Sifter’s passion is to make healthy eating easy for everyone. Walmart’s Shop-by-Diet tool will help millions of its customers better manage their health through diet and nutrition."

Customers can find the exciting new Walmart Shop-by-Diet tool by visiting on their mobile phone (scan & shop instore).

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