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The ‘must-have’ adhesive repair kit for your home and workshop

When something needs repairing, it is always a struggle to find the right adhesive for the job at hand. Often when a repair is made, it does not last long. The reason for this is that the fix only occurs at the part that broke, and the fix is not reinforced to prevent the same break from occurring again.

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This is especially true for certain plastics that are difficult to bond using ordinary adhesives. Pratley Powda Bond® is an excellent product that can fix and strengthen repairs with its black and white powder fillers. It is suitable for any lightweight and heavy-duty fixes making it ideal for any household or workshop.

Pratley Powda Bond® is a quick and instant repair and gap filler that can be used as a two-part or single adhesive that is “fantastic on plastics,” says Adhesives Marketing Manager Mark Bell. It is extremely fast curing, can repair most plastics, can be filed, sanded and painted once cured, and can even be submerged into water once cured.

“One can even repair broken plastic clips, broken plastic car grilles, damaged wheel caps and plastic car bumpers. It is also great for repairing motorcycle fairings and plastics,” says Bell. Pratley Powda Bond’s versatility makes it a ‘must-have’ adhesive product.

Pratley Powda Bond® consists of two specially formulated filler powders designed to absorb the liquid adhesive faster and more effectively than ordinary products on the market that use powder fillers. “Pratley’s formulation is completely unique and ensures optimal penetration,” remarks Bell. The liquid adhesive wicks through the powder fillers right down to the substrate without leaving any powder residual. This ensures consistent strengthening and a robust repair.

Other quick repair uses around the home include broken or cracked fridge drawers and most kitchen appliances, except for inside microwave ovens. For rubber O-rings, Superglue single adhesive is recommended.

In terms of the actual application of the product, Bell explains that the different coloured powders are only for a colour surface match. One can also paint or spray over the repair once it has cured, which takes a few seconds.

“People tend to repair rather than replace expensive items nowadays, both on the home front and in terms of their motor vehicles, so we are seeing sales growth in all of these products,” says Bell. Pratley has an extensive R&D division in place to develop new products, and fully equipped laboratories to test new applications for existing products.

“After using Pratley Powda Bond® you will wonder why you never had this fantastic product in your life earlier. It really is a Pratley product that lives up to our policy statement of producing products that outperform all others!” concludes Bell.

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