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Clicks vs DisChem - which retailer offers customers the best loyalty programme?

Discounts at any store are a bonus, although those at pharmacies are greater. It surpasses all other discounts since health products and cosmetics don’t come at a cheap price.


Two of the South Africa’s largest pharmacy chain stores are DisChem and Clicks. Some lean more towards DisChem, while others move closer to Clicks. A few enjoy the best of both worlds.

DisChem and Clicks both run reward programmes that present customers with various discounted benefits. Of course, here, the argument remains: Which is better?

Below are the differences between the two programmes, as well as the various features each offer.


The Clicks Club Card is Clicks’ rewards programmes card. This card rewards members in ‘points’ with each purchase they make both in-store with just one swipe and online by entering the required information. One point is earned when R5 is spent.

These purchases do not include medicine and gift cards. However, points for pharmacy purchases are attainable on the dispensing fee.

This card may also be used at The Body Shop and Claire’s, where points are earned as well.


Members will “receive cashback loaded onto their ClubCard every two months” the company website states, when a minimum of 50 points are earned “by the qualification date”.

Clicks, too, has an upgraded version of this card, the Gold Club Card. Access is given to those who, within a frame of one year, earn at least 300 points.

Customers will earn points when they swipe their loyalty cards at an Engen petrol.

Cashback of 25% on Healthy Care products is available for all Discovery Vitality members. Initially, an individual will qualify for 10% cashback. Activating the Vitality HealthyCare benefit presents this offering where the card holder can build up to 25%.

Other benefits are BabyClub which is open to pregnant women and mothers who buy products for children under 36 months of age. There is also the SeniorsClub which is available to the elderly 60 years and above. Membership for SeniorsClub is automatic.


DisChem’s rewards programme is called DisChem Loyalty Benefit. This card offers partner rewards, discounts, and cash for spending.


For members, 1.5% of every qualifying purchase is returned in Benefit rewards. This is attainable via a single swipe at DisChem stores. It is likewise available online for those who register for online shopping. Members will also receive the Quarterly Benefit magazine, free of charge.

Benefit rewards can be earned at DisChem’s partnering companies such as members of BestMed receiving an extra 1% in rewards, while being a member of Discovery Bank and Vitality means receiving returns of up to 50% via HealthCare purchases. There is also cashback of up to 30% with Absa Rewards and members of PlanetFitness receive Benefit rewards of 10%

Members also receives special benefits if they belong to the following groups: DisChem Baby, For Youth, 60 Plus and DisChem Beautiful Women.

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