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Healthy Kids, Healthy Oceans

A great tasting healthy dried fruit snack with a BOLD VISION to save our sea life. We need our warriors to power up their nutrition and power up their knowledge.

| S.O.S

Each pack contains one of 4 dried fruit pop-up puzzles. Included is also 1 of 16 collectable cards with mission critical information about the threat our sea life is facing. Our undercover agents, Charly, Joe, Eva and Tom will explain more.

Healthy Kids, Healthy Oceans
Our oceans needs saving and we have made it our mission to help. Through our healthy kids snacks, we are sending a call for help. We are empowering a whole new generation with knowledge so they can join us in saving our sea life.

Good for Kids
Our tasty treat is made from 100% fruit from South Africa and is natural and healthy. The fruit contains no preservatives and is considered one of ‘5-a-day’.

SOS started as a discussion during a father and daughter surf session into a game changing initiative which delivers an interactive clean snack for kids. We believe that by educating our kids in a fun and healthy way we can make a true difference. We have started a creative journey not yet seen in snacking; come join us and let us see where it goes.’’ - Greg Belfour: Founder

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Telephone:  021 385 1366t.

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