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Latest in design, technology and trends to be showcased at FRIGAIR 2022

As the HERVAC sector’s only dedicated event in Africa as well as the shift to more environmentally friendly solutions, this year’s FRIGAIR exhibition, workshops and courses are eagerly being awaited by the industry.

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Since 1980, FRIGAIR has been providing an industry-preferred platform for engagement on doing business, knowledge transfer and networking opportunities. This year’s event will no doubt hold a lot of excitement and create stimulus for the entire heating, energy, refrigeration, ventilation and air conditioning (HERVAC) industries, on the back of a tough period for global trade.

Owned by and one of the South African Institute for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning’s (SAIRAC) premier events, the FRIGAIR expo is the largest dedicated HERVAC trade exhibition in Africa. The exhibition and line up of several free-to-attend workshops and courses will take place from 01 – 03 June 2022 at the Gallagher Convention Centre, in Midrand.

It will have been four years since the last FRIGAIR took place in 2018 and all role players’ excitement is growing. The HERVAC industry has always been known to produce the best outcomes through physical interaction and opportunities found at FRIGAIR.

A lot of progress in techniques and technology has occurred over recent years, driven primarily by solutions to aspects related to indoor air quality as well as efficiency, and the heightened drive in the struggle to mitigate global warming and its effects – where the HERVAC sector plays a significant role in terms of energy and refrigerants.

So much on offer for visitors, you can’t miss out!

A lot has changed in four years, and this is especially true for these sectors, particularly in terms of design methodologies, regulations, guidelines, and local impacts from international policies.

Building heath and combatting the Covid pandemic has of course been top of the agenda and along with air quality will shape the way buildings and building systems function in the future. The drive for energy efficiency and the shift to a digital world will also no doubt continue to play a significant role too.

For the cold chain, reduction in reported waste figures and quality is continually seeing attention being drawn to it as the entire world is wrestling in the arena of fresh produce supply, and we (as South Africa) have to keep up to date in competing for our share of the ‘supply-chain pie’ at that international level which means meeting various standards.

The adoption and deployment of natural refrigerants throughout the local market and their role in limiting the effects of global warming potential (GWP) and ozone depleting substances (ODS) will also be high on the agenda as the globe in fact scrambles to meet the targets of the Montreal Protocol, subsequent Kigali Amendment and the Glasgow Climate Pact of COP26. This led to the official event theme being named as “Natural Refrigerants”.

Some key reasons to visit will include the sourcing of cutting edge products and technologies, experiencing live demos, networking with suppliers and service providers and the learning opportunities available from the daily workshops and courses.

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The FRIGAIR exhibition is owned by the South African Institute for Refrigeration and Air-conditioning (SAIRAC) and managed through organisers Specialised Exhibitions - a division of Montgomery Group, one of the most widely respected exhibition companies in the world - and Interact Media Defined.

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