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SANCA National in partnership with the “I love Alex” on behalf of the Responsible Beverage Services (RBS) Initiative in Alexandra Township rewards Liquor Outlets for Responsible Selling.

Forty-four liquor traders from Alexandra have completed the Phuza Ka Tyming, Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) training. This is the first of its kind, the AbinBev RBS city pilot initiative to take place in South Africa as part of a bigger multi countries project.

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The project targeted licensed liquor traders in Alexandra Township an area identified as one with the highest impact of alcohol abuse. The project aimed to reduce the abuse of alcohol in Alex through a community-based training putting the liquor traders at the centre of influence in helping change this behaviour.  These liquor traders have gone through multiple program trainings being educated in the role they play and how they can use the resources shared to do business responsibly. The training gave intensive education support in terms of laws and regulations, good business practise and staying profitable, tools to equip them to be good “first-line ambassadors” in their efforts to reduce under-age drinking as well as excessive drinking. Trainee Outlets were equipped with material to help them communicate with the consumer in terms of under-age drinking, selling to pregnant women as well as over intoxicated consumers.

As part of embedding the messaging and making sure implementation was happening on the ground, SANCA carried out an environmental scan where they went into the licensed liquor outlets to understand and assess the conditions of these outlets’ safety and security, Covid compliance, customer service and service towards minors as well as pregnant women. The RBS project in Alexandra under the City Pilot, I-Love-Alex of AbInBev Foundation, aimed to improve the liquor traders’ business skills. Safety measures were some of the concerns raised by the law enforcement during one of the circle dialogues. “Safety concerns were raised by the stakeholders of law enforcement during focus groups, the workshops with the liquor traders and circle dialogues and we have seen all outlet types improved in this area post the training.  Bottle stores improved on safety measures by 15% while taverns overall improved by 12%.” Adrie Vermeulen (SANCA National Coordinator). She further stated that “The taverns showed the most improvement on all three areas indicting that the RBS project did have a positive impact”. 

The RBS project has been a great success, even though this was the most difficult period for liquor traders, as they navigated business challenges brought by Covid-19.  A major achievement is seen through the baseline and end-line assessment which shows great improvements across the board. This is an indication of the resilience of these outlets who conduct their business in the correct way, said Thoko Budaza, the AbinBev Foundation Program Manager

On the evening of the 7th of June 2022, SANCA National brought the outlets together at Capital-on-the-Park in Sandton to celebrate and reward those business that fully participated, successfully completed the RBS trainings, and improved on safety, covid regulations and serving responsibly to patrons.  The outlets do not only get marketing and communication material, that help them further embed the Phuza Ka Tyming messaging with their customers, but 5 of them walked away with great prizes. The prize money to the value of R275,000 will go towards the improvement of their establishments.


SANCA National as a key strategic partner in addressing substance use disorders including alcohol use disorder, have partnered with organisations like Ab inBev Foundation, that seek to find solutions in the plight of alcohol use/misuse across communities, to reduce the harms caused by excessive alcohol use.  For all information, please visit the SANCA website on or contact SANCA at 011 892-3929 or WhatsApp them on 076 535 1701.

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