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Comparison of prices of maize meal, flour, rice, and quinoa.

Over the past few months, the cost of living in South Africa has dramatically shot up, as a result of the likes of rising inflation, petrol hikes, and flat salaries.

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One of the most alarming challenges experienced by households is their waning spending power amid rising food prices. Russia's war in Ukraine - a global supplier of grain staples - has also added to their woes, as staple commodities continue to skyrocket.

We looked at the price of common grains and starches that are staples in South African households to see what consumers would pay for on average, and which stores had some of the best prices.

Upmarket retailer Woolworths surprisingly had some of the cheapest options; in some cases, the difference was a couple of rands, and in some, the savings were significant.

Here's what you'll pay for staple foods at Woolworths, Checkers, and Pick n Pay right now.

Rice 2kg

Long grain parboiled rice, one of the most common staples in the country, is currently the cheapest at Pick n Pay, whose private brand rice is priced at R28.99. It also has the second cheapest 2kg rice under the Excella brand which is selling at R29.99. Between the more well known brands, Tastic and Spekko, the latter is generally cheaper at all the retailers we looked at, when compared to Tastic.

Woolworths is currently selling its private label rice for R34.99 and the same for Tastic, which costs a rand more at Checkers and Pick n Pay.

On average, a 2kg bag of rice is currently retailing for R33.40.


Quinoa 500g

The cheapest quinoa can be found at Woolworths, at R104.99 for a 500g packet. Checkers and Pick n Pay both carry the Health Connection Wholefoods quinoa at R15 more than Woolies' quinoa.

On average, consumers pay around R115 for 500g of quinoa.


Samp 1kg

Woolworths has the cheapest 1kg samp with its private label brand priced at R13.99. In contrast, the Ace brand of samp came in as the second cheapest, available at Checkers and Pick n Pay at the same price, R15.99.

Checkers had Iwisa, priced at R17.99.

The average cost of 1kg of samp currently sits at R15.99. 


Flour 2.5kg

Woolworths has the cheapest 2.5kg flour at R34.99 for its private label option, while Pick n Pay is offering its in house flour at R35.99. Checkers has the priciest, with its Sasko flour costing R42.99.

Snowflake flour is the cheapest at Woolworths at R37.99, while Sasko is generally the priciest brand. 

The average price for flour is currently R38.99.



Pasta 500g

On average, the cost of 500g of spaghetti will set you back just under R22, and you will find the cheaper option at Pick n Pay. The retailer is selling its No Name brand of spaghetti at R12.99 while it has the Fatti's and Moni's brand at R19.99 compared to R17.99 for the same at Checkers. Woolworths has a range of private label pasta and its two spaghetti options cost R18.99 and R39.99. 


Weet-Bix 900g

A box of 58 Weet-Bix biscuits was the cheapest at Checkers at R59.99, relative to R63.99 at Woolworths, and Pick n Pay.  A 900g box of Weet-Bix currently costs a little over R62 on average. 


Kellogg's Corn Flakes 1kg

Woolworths and Pick n Pay had the most expensive 1kg box of Kellogg's corn flakes, which cost R75.99 at both the retailers, compared to R74.99 at Checkers.

On average, consumers pay R75.66 to buy a 1kg box of Kellog's cornflakes.


Maize Meal 2.5kg

Maize meal is the cheapest at Checkers at R23.99 for the Tafelberg brand. The more popular brands White Star and Ace are the priciest, but Woolworths has the cheapest White Star maize meal at R30.99. The Ace brand is the cheapest at Checkers and Woolworths. Checkers has a couple of cheaper brands on offer, such as Pride and Impala, both under R30.

On average, maize meal cost almost R33 for a 2.5kg bag.


Couscous 500g

Although Pick n Pay has the cheapest 500g couscous, it is only a marginal difference of 50c. Its Serena brand costs R37.49, while the Montverde brand costs R37.99 at Checkers.

In the private label segment, where Pick n Pay was compared, couscous is cheaper at Woolworths.

An average of R42.79 is what consumers are paying for couscous. 


Potatoes 2kg

Pick n Pay has the cheapest 2kg bag of potatoes, which cost R30, while Woolworths generally has the priciest at R36.99 for its large potatoes.

The average spend on potatoes is currently R37.70. 


 This is what different types of grains and starch cost at the moment.


*The comparison did not use promotional prices to reflect the actual cost of goods. The prices are accurate as at Monday, 13 June, 2022.

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