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Bizerba Presents Solutions for the Networked Supermarket of the Future at EuroCIS 2022

Digitalization and networked solutions as part of a modern customer journey are the main topics at the Bizerba booth at EuroCIS 2022, the European trade show for retail technology in Dusseldorf, Germany.

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In Hall 9, booth F20, the hardware and software solutions provider will present cutting-edge solutions and innovations to make future shopping more convenient for customers and more efficient for retailers.

Even in supermarkets, the topics of networking, digitalization, and artificial intelligence are important future-related issues. The solutions specialist Bizerba will exhibit its latest networked hardware and software solutions at EuroCIS in Dusseldorf this year based on the motto: "Shape your future. Today.” Visitors will have the chance to discover how digitalization and automation are making the entire shopper experience fit for the future during a "supermarket tour" at the booth. They can walk through all the key stations in the supermarket and discover where Bizerba solutions can simplify and improve processes. "We demonstrate a modern customer journey at our booth, from pre-ordering fresh products to contactless checkout and payment processes. Our innovative solutions open doors to a completely new shopping experience for customers and retailers," explains Andreas W. Kraut, CEO and shareholder of Bizerba.

Bizerba is digitalizing brick-and-mortar retailers

Hendrik Ohse, Director of Global Software Sales at Bizerba, is convinced: “Customers at the supermarket are offered a one-of-a-kind shopping experience with our software solutions. From hassle-free in-store ordering and intelligent shelves to a self-service area that's effortless to use and an AI-based self-checkout – everything can be done intuitively, easily, and without long lines."

Among the top exhibits at EuroCIS is the revolutionary Bizerba SmartShelf with integrated weighing technology. Here, each product removed from the shelf is detected and recorded with gram and centimeter accuracy. This means that the intelligent shelves create entirely new opportunities for efficient inventory management and can also be used in non-staffed stores for reliable monitoring. Thanks to continuous digital inventory monitoring, customers can also be guaranteed to always find fresh products such as fruit, vegetables, or pastries. What's more, the SmartShelf makes a notable contribution to waste reduction by providing insight into how sales of certain products vary depending on the day of the week, the time of the day, and even the weather.

Loss prevention with Artificial Intelligence

Making an appearance on the big stage as well is the Supersmart Scan & Go Loss Prevention System powered by Bizerba. The solution features a validation process unrivaled on the market, which checks in just mere seconds whether customers have scanned all products correctly using cameras and weighing sensors at checkout. Featuring not only intelligent hardware components but also artificial intelligence-based software, Supersmart streamlines checkout times and processes at the point of sale - dramatically reducing lost sales due to shrinkage. Tudor Andronic is Vice President of Bizerba Software Solutions and CEO of Supersmart. He explains: "In self-checkout, many mistakes happen that lead to tremendous losses. This is precisely the problem we address with Supersmart. Retailers can either complement and improve their existing Scan & Go solution with our validation process, or they can get everything from us as a one-stop-shop."

Moving confidently into the future

Bizerba is considered a digital pioneer in the retail sector. At EuroCIS 2022, the company will present itself as a holistic solution and digitalization partner. Moreover, a myriad of solutions for which physical space is lacking on the limited trade show floor will be demonstrated using digital media to show how store concepts can be redesigned to inspire customers. Shoppers of the future will find everything easier, contactless, convenient, and innovative. Yet one of the big winners of the revolution in the supermarket is ultimately the retailer, who will benefit from significantly more economical workflows thanks to networked and automated processes, saving valuable time and money. At its trade show booth, Bizerba will highlight the solutions that retailers will be able to use to move confidently into the future in this regard.

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