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Chicken Chips are the latest on-the-go food in South Africa

First for the South African market, Chikka Chicken has introduced Cheeky Chikka Fries, which are crispy and delicious chips that are made from chicken, not potatoes.

Pianca Meintjies | Spar

Perfect as an anytime meal for kids or as an on-the-go scrumptious snack for all. These ready-made tasty chips are definitely worth a try for all chicken lovers.

Pianca Meintjies, SPAR’s Group Home Meal Replacement Manager, says the innovative addition to the Chikka Chicken in-store offering is a cheeky, unexpected delight that’s set to ruffle some feathers.

Cheeky Chikka Fries begin with succulent chicken that is cut into strips and coated in a light savoury batter. The result is a tasty strip that looks like a regular potato chip but when you pop it in your mouth, you realise it is delicious, juicy chicken.

Prepared in your local SPAR store, ready for you to enjoy, Cheeky Chikka Fries can be eaten by themselves or as a tasty accompaniment to your favourite dipping sauce. They are also a great and surprising addition to any platter that will keep your guests coming back for more.

This new addition to the Chikka Chicken range offers innovation to SPAR shoppers’ crave-able hot foods, and a continued commitment to understanding constantly evolving consumer tastes and preferences.

The Chikka Chicken innovation team developed a winning combination that perfectly complements the brand’s existing chicken range. Pianca says that these chicken fries are well received by customers and are “flying out of our stores”.

The Cheeky Chikka Fries are exclusive to SPAR and have made their way into SPAR’s in-store Chikka Chicken offering over the past few months and are now available in-store at more than 400 stores across the country. Adding to the retailer’s quick-service restaurant concept, Chikka Chicken is an important part of the SPAR group’s food innovation strategy.

“Chikka Chicken caters for all consumers, providing SPAR shoppers with all the chicken they love in one place. Chikka Chicken is a well-established brand which now forms part of The FOOD STALL offering at SPAR, the new in-store deli and home meal replacement SPAR concept. Our customers will have no reason to shop anywhere else as we cater for all their needs,” says Pianca.

The Chikka Chicken brand has been part of the SPAR shopper experience since 2009 as in-store service departments offer all types of chicken in its roundup – from burgers and wraps to strips and bites, peri-peri chicken livers, both sticky and hot wings, as well as chicken portions and whole roasted chickens.

“Our Cheeky Chicken Fries are an exciting addition to the wide range of delicious meals The FOOD STALL at SPAR has to offer. Chikka Chicken’s current offering will continue to ensure that whether it’s a Cheeky Chikka burger just for one or a butter-flavoured Chikka Whole Roasted Chicken to be shared as a family, our Chikka Chicken range has something to satisfy all chicken lovers’ needs.”

To try Chikka Chicken’s new Cheeky Chikka Fries, visit a SPAR store near you.

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