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Why is participation in skills development important?

CSG Skills has over 20 years of training within the Wholesale and Retail, Fast Food, and Hospitality sectors.

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We are experts in the implementation and project management of learnerships and tailor-made short courses. Our curriculum is offered via contact sessions, virtual sessions, hybrid models, as well as through our online e-learning platform. We pride ourselves in outstanding service delivery and have the highest learner exit and competency rates in South Africa.


·           Skills Development provide a platform for employees to gain new skills, or, enhance existing skills. Learnerships, in particular, are designed to provide learners with not only the theoretical knowledge and skills required to perform within a certain occupation, the workplace component of a learnership provide a learner with the opportunity to also put knowledge and skills learnt into practice in the practical workplace environment. The learnership model ensure that learners are successful in both assimilating core knowledge of a particular occupation as well as the practical application thereof.

·           Skills Development form a key part of the B-BBEE scorecard and lack of compliance with Skills Development (being a priority element on the B-BBEE scorecard) can lead to dropping full B-BBEE level.

·           PAY LESS TAX!  Participation in learnerships allows your organisation to gain access to the 12(H) tax incentive as outlined in the Income Tax Act. An employer may deduct R 80 000 (for an able-bodied employee) and R 120 000 (for a disabled employee) on learnerships from their Profit Before Tax, thereby significantly reducing tax payments to SARS.


·           CSG Skills has over 20 years of experience in the successful delivery of learnerships and various bespoke short courses.

·           We have a national footprint and are able to provide training to learners in any geographic region.

·           We are able to offer our clients very competitive rates as well as various payment plan options that would best suit our clients’ budgets and cashflow requirements.


·         Wholesale and retail operations (NQF Level 2)

·         Wholesale and retail distribution (NQF Level 2)

·         Fast food services (NQF Level 3)

·         Hospitality and Catering (NQF Level 4)

·         Hygiene and cleaning in a retail environment (NQF Level 1, 2, 3)

·         Management (NQF Level 3, 4, 5)

·         Project management (NQF Level 4)

·         Security practices (NQF Level 3 and 4)

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