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Introducing MPACT plastic containers new and improved plastic folding crates – now with active locks

Thousands of fresh fruit and vegetables are transported by road every day. Traditionally this was done in wooden or cardboard containers.

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Once the produce has reached its destination, the containers used to house it are typically discarded or returned to its origin for re-use. This isn't always optimal since the containers are not designed for re-use.

There has been a shift, across industries, from cardboard or wooden containers to reusable plastic containers. This is due to an increased awareness of the importance and value of Returnable Transit Packaging.

Taking it one step further, Returnable Transit Packaging can be circulated within a distribution pool, ensuring not only the availability of clean, hygienic containers, but also optimal packaging availability at all times. Over time, as the containers age and possibly start deteriorating, they can be exchanged for new containers in an uninterrupted seamless process of reuse as they are fully recyclable meaning the raw material can be used to make new products

New to the returnable transit packaging container mix are the completely collapsible (or foldable) crates. These folding crates not only yield significant cost savings through transport optimisation, but they also ensure maximum space saving, folding down at a 7.5:1 ratio. Their rounded corners and smooth interior surfaces ensure damage and bruising of products are minimised while multiple vents in the sides and base allow exceptional air flow ensuring products cool more rapidly, adding valuable shelf-life to the produce.

The foldable crates are metal-free and feature an active locking system that enhances ease of use and structural integrity. These crates are suitable for growers of fruit and vegetables, food processing companies, meat (red and poultry) processing, fish processing, light industrial and retailers looking to optimize the return-trip of their asset pools.

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