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Asda’s starting to phase out ‘Chosen By You’ own label range

Asda has reportedly started phasing out its ‘Chosen By You’ own label range as part of an overhaul of its offer aimed at regaining ground lost to the discounters in recent years.

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According to trade magazine The Grocer, the struggling chain is replacing Chosen By You lines with products labelled as just Asda, particularly in the fresh and chilled categories. Whilst a company spokesperson is quoted as saying that the range is still part of its own brand family, sources close to Asda told The Grocer that the brand (which was launched in 2010) was on its way out and it now looked dated compared to recently revamped lines. 

The source added: “It’s had its day. Asda own label is declining even faster than Asda’s overall sales so something had to be done.” 

Last month Andy Murray, Asda’s new Chief Customer Officer, revealed that improving the supermarket’s own label range would be his “top priority”. Speaking during Q&A session at the Retail Week Live conference, the former Walmart executive said: “We probably have room to grow our own brands from where we are for sure. Customers want great quality and I think Aldi and Lidl have raised the bar in terms of own-brand quality that we are seeing in the marketplace. 

“We have to step that on and be very competitive in that space. That’s an area that I’m probably going to raise to one of the top priorities I’m going to focus on – are we offering good, better, best and what is the right option by category? 

“Customers’ experience and expectations are going to be different by category and we need to work that out so that we are offering what they want.” 


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