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Hostex powering Food & Hospitality Africa is just 10 days away, and once again offers unmatched quality, innovation, and opportunity.

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The selection of exhibitors at the 2018 show has been carefully crafted to offer you, an experience worthy of industry recognition.
Contributing to this experience are the speakers at HOST-ED, who share invaluable industry knowledge and insight, the hard-earned credibility of which stems from years of participation in their relevant sectors.

This year, topics you can expect to hear about in the HOST-ED Theatre include:

  • Hospitality Outlook: 2017 - 2021
  • Food & beverage, hospitality news bulletin: What is currently trending in 2018?
  • Managing growth: the essentials to running an efficient SME

Click here for the full seminar pogramme.

Entrance is free if you register online - easily done on the Food & Hospitality Africa app available on iOS app store and Google Play.

Alternatively, visit and click “register online”.
Hostex powering Food and Hospitality Africa powered by IFEA opens its doors from Sunday the 6 to 8 May 2018 at the Gallagher Convention Centre.

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