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The 10 most influential brands in South Africa

Ipsos has released the results of a new survey measuring the influence that brands have on South Africans.

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The survey looked at, and ranked, the most influential brands locally, and offers a case study perspective on the dimensions that drive each brand’s influence.

These dimensions – which differ slightly from country to country – include a brand’s perceived ‘Leading Edge’, ‘Respect’, ‘Presence’, ‘Trustworthiness’ and ‘Engagement’.

A total of 3,619 adult South Africans, 18 years and older, were interviewed.

They were randomly selected and interviewed face-to-face in their homes and home languages. Interviews were conducted all over the country, from metropolitan areas to deep rural areas, Ipsos said.

Out of the top 10 brands – four are retail names.

This is likely as a result of retail outlets becoming a one-stop household management destination, by offering banking services, payments on utility bills and licences, as well as becoming distribution points for social grants and allowing people to send money to each other quickly and effectively, Ipsos said.

It added that South Africa is also unique in the brands that have come out tops when comparing it to the top-10 list in other markets, which has been dominated by digital and tech brands.

The Top 10 Brands Most Influential Brands in South Africa are as follows:

Pick n Pay


Shoprite truck









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