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Big new changes for Pick n Pay Smart Shopper rewards

Pick n Pay’s Smart Shopper rewards scheme is getting a boost through its partnership with TymeBank, the group said on Tuesday (26 February).

Staff Writer | Business Tech

Through the partnership, the retailer plans to increase value for customers who pay for items using their TymeBank accounts.

TymeBank officially launched on Tuesday, with its partnership with Pick n Pay and Boxer stores giving it access to thousands of points of presence across the country.

Smart Shopper customers signed up with TymeBank will be able to earn more points – including rewards outside of Pick n Pay.

Members currently earn one point for every R2 spent in a Pick n Pay store, but with TymeBank, customers can now earn double Smart Shopper points (1 point for every R1 spent) when they swipe and pay with their TymeBank debit card at any Pick n Pay till.

TymeBank customers will also earn one Smart Shopper point for every R3 spent when paying with their TymeBank card at any vendor in South Africa.

According to Pick n Pay Deputy CEO Richard van Rensburg, the take-up of TymeBank in stores has been incredible, noting that over 80,000 customers had already signed up to the group.

“We understand that our customers are looking increasingly for a combination of real convenience and great value. A clear benefit of our partnership with TymeBank is that customers will gain access to a bank with the lowest fees in the country, and they will also save time by being able to do banking and shopping in one location,” he said.

“With longer opening hours than banks and a network of stores across the country, customers will be able to bank with ease seven days a week…(and) also be rewarded through our Smart Shopper programme.”

Earning Smart Shopper point anywhere

Kate Leslie, head of Smart Shopper, said that through TymeBank, Smart Shopper customers will now earn points on their everyday spend, irrespective of where they shop or what they purchase.

“The TymeBank debit card is automatically linked to Smart Shopper, should a customer opt into the loyalty programme when signing up for their TymeBank account. The TymeBank card will then double as a Smart Shopper card.

“Customers only need to carry one card in their wallet, and will earn bonus Smart Shopper points every time they pay with their TymeBank card,” she said.

Leslie also noted that Pick n Pay has extended its Smart Shopper programme to include points for fuel purchases at BP service stations – so customers using their TymeBank card to pay for fuel at BP will earn bonus Smart Shopper points (1 point for every R3 spent) and points per litre.

“Customers must remember to swipe their blue Smart Shopper card at BP to qualify for both point rewards,” she said.

“This new offer to earn Smart Shopper points outside of Pick n Pay creates more value for our customers and improves the accessibility of the Smart Shopper programme. Customers will get more accumulated rewards to spend on whatever they really need or want,” she said.

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