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Pick n Pay Smart Shopper vs Woolworths WRewards compared

A July 2018 Eighty20 report found that the average South African consumer is subscribed to as many as nine different rewards programmes, covering retail, petrol, and banking, among other sectors.

Staff Writer | Business Tech

However, the report found that while South African consumers were highly subscribed, they aren’t necessarily always active when it came to using rewards programmes.

Two standouts in this area are Pick n Pay’s Smart Shopper programme and Woolworths’ WRewards were however, shown to have the highest percentage of active users at 85% and 81% respectively.

Below BusinessTech looked at what makes these programmes stand out, and how they compare against each other.

Pick n Pay Smart Shopper

It is free to sign up for a Pick n Pat Smart Shopper account which customers can use to earn and spend points on a variety of deals.

Customers earn points when they swipe their Smart Shopper card at a Pick n Pay till point – earning 1 point for every R2 spent.

Pick n Pay allows users to spend these points on any item in-store, swap them out for other partner rewards and even donate them to charity.

Customers are also offered personalised and exclusive discounts via the in-store kiosk, Pick n Pay mobile app or directly via a weekly mailer.

The Smart Shopper programme also offers linked accounts to allow the same family to use primary, secondary and collector Smart Shopper cards to earn points seperately.

Some of the partner rewards available through Smart Shopper include:

Woolworths WRewards 

It is free to sign up for a WRewards account, with shoppers able to access a number of discounts, deals and vouchers.

The card has three reward tiers – Valued members, Loyal members and VIP members.

Everyone starts out as a Valued member, with users upgrading to a higher tier status the more they spend.

Woolworths said that it review these records daily, automatically upgrading customers as they qualify for a higher tier status.

Valued members (starting membership)

Loyal members (spend between R10,000 and R29,999 a year) 

VIP members (spend more than R30,000 a year) 

In addition to in-store offerings, Woolworths also has a dedicated online store displaying deals for WReward members.

Other notable benefits include:

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