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Clicks opens its 700th store

Beauty and health retailer Clicks is proud to continue its drive to increase convenience through store growth, with the opening of its 700th store at Woodstock Quarter in Cape Town.

| Magna Carta

Operating in South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland, with over 13 000 staff across its stores, Clicks aimed to open 25 - 30 new stores by the end of 2019.  However, the Group has been able to accelerate this to 41, as retail space in earmarked centres becomes increasingly available. The Clicks Group half-year results, in which it reported a 13.2% rise in interim diluted headline earnings per share, are indicative of the company’s ability to thrive despite a weak economic environment. 


Clicks Group CEO Vikesh Ramsunder said that growth was experienced across all health and beauty categories. The Clicks range of private label products, from toiletries to baby products and medicines, as well as the Sorbet beauty range, continued to perform well, because of their quality and price, he says. Ramsunder attributes the retailer’s success to Clicks remaining true to its heritage.   “In everything we do, our aim is to give customers great value,” he said. “This applies to the entire spectrum of our health and beauty products, where we continue to bring out new brands and innovations and always, at a competitive price.”

Clicks’s growth drivers stand on the three pillars of convenience, differentiation and personalisation, he says.  “We will continue to expand on the first two. However, personalisation is still in its infancy. We will be using our ClubCard database to communicate with customers, focusing on technology to assist us to achieve a more personalised experience for our customers, as we move into a more digitally transformed world in the next 5 to 10 years.” Online shopping at Clicks currently accounts for a small percentage of turnover and is the fastest-growing store, and Ramsunder says that it will no doubt become a bigger contributor to sales in the future.

He believes that brick and mortar stores will continue to thrive, not only because people want to touch and feel products, but because patients will need to come in to re-fill their prescriptions. The new Clicks Woodstock store will have the same visual appeal and normal wide range of health, beauty and homeware products as its other stores, as well as the convenience of a Pharmacy. “We remain committed to investing in South Africa and are moving towards achieving our overall target of 900 stores in the country,” says Ramsunder.  “Our expanding store base creates opportunities for job creation in a time when the country needs it the most, particularly for young people in the retail sector,” he concludes.


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