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The informal markets represent an important growth opportunity

The informal markets represent an important growth opportunity compared to the more mature formal markets. Yet, they are still difficult and costly to address, partly due to a lack of detailed data. Shopit aims to solve these issues and gives direct access to informal markets for FMCG brands and wholesalers.

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Developed in Cape Town, Shopit is a mobile application with a community of more than 6000 traders and counting


It enables : 

·         Spaza shop owners to check their nearest wholesalers’ catalogs directly from their phones, to order all their stock online and to get their order delivered to their doorstep.

·         Wholesalers to advertise all their specials on Shopit and use the app as a more efficient and affordable alternative to telesales.

·         FMCG brands to organise marketing operations like cashback operations targetting directly spaza shop owners. The brands that have their own Route To Market can also use the app as a virtual sales rep to optimize their collection of orders and payments and to reduce their delivery costs.

 Shopit digitizes the supply chain in informal markets giving a better access to market data and enabling its actors to adapt and stay relevant in a more digital economy. 


 During the lockdown, the team behind Shopit has developed a new app to help independent supermarkets adapt to the situation and reduce the queues of customers waiting to get in the stores. It launched a white-label app that can be adapted for each supermarket in just a few days and enable them to offer an online ordering service to their customers who can either choose to collect their order at the store or to get it delivered. 


This new app is currently tested in the Goal supermarkets in Cape Town. [email protected] +27 78 943 6065


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