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Checkers sells R50m worth of virtual grocery since the start of lockdown

Computicket, which launched virtual grocery vouchers to help people in need during the Covid-19 pandemic, has sold almost 200 000 vouchers valued at over R50 million since the start of the lockdown.

Dhivana Rajgopaul | IOL

The ticket seller's business came to a standstill when the lockdown was announced but moved quickly in early April 2020 to reinvent itself through the launching of the virtual grocery vouchers. 


The vouchers which were officially launched in April, are a secure, technology-based solution to provide food assistance quickly, efficiently and directly to those in need.

Virtual vouchers have enabled people to send grocery vouchers to family, friends or people they know who are in need and who they are unable to make physical contact with due to the lockdown. 

The vouchers are sent via SMS to a recipient’s mobile phone within an hour of being purchased and can be redeemed immediately at any Shoprite, Checkers or Usave store.

Computicket is also streaming live events and allowing its customers access to that content indefinitely.

"Streaming is nothing new, but at Computicket we’ve really locked it down properly. In many instances, shows are being streamed over YouTube, for example, just via a private link. That’s like selling tickets beforehand but then nobody checks the tickets at the door, so anybody can get it," said general manager, Kurt Drennan.

Additionally, when buying a ticket for any of the Urban Sessions live stream events, Computicket customers have access to that content indefinitely, so they can start to build up a nice content library over time. Customers also have the option to buy shows that they have missed and add them to their library.

SA Rugby’s popular fundraising campaign, using the Computicket platform, is making some of the Springbok Rugby World Cup squad’s cherished mementos available to be won. The raffle tickets cost R32.12, the same number as the World Cup final score.

All proceeds are going to Food Forward SA and Gift of the Givers in support of their hunger relief efforts. 



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