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Recruitment is being revolutionised through texting

An Australian AI-driven technology company that helps people find jobs through texting has launched into South Africa, offering a new way for thousands to apply for work easily and receive personalised career feedback with every job application.

| PredictiveHire

Using PredictiveHire, people apply for jobs by texting their answers in response to specific questions that are then analysed by AI for personality and work attributes.

Given that it is AI facilitating the interviews, it means that every applicant can be interviewed. This makes it much fairer for all candidates and much quicker for recruiters and operational leaders.

PredictiveHire has had massive success in revolutionising the way companies have approached hiring in Australia and U.K and now wants to do the same in South Africa where there is enormous potential for its technology to reduce barriers for people finding employment.

Bunnings, the largest hardware giant in Australia, has used PredictiveHire to improve recruitment across hundreds of stores across the country while also building their brand. They recognised
that most of their applicants for retail roles were their customers - such a well-loved Aussie brand drew candidates that wanted to be part of the Bunnings family. 

The Australian hardware retailer receives applications in the hundreds of thousands each year for customer service roles. They needed to make the experience for candidates a good one, even though, like so many retailers, they were rejecting 98% of the applications they received.

They managed to deliver on this at scale by providing everyone with personalised feedback.
Thousands of people have described the feedback given after a job application as “uncannily accurate’’ and life-changing.

At the same time, Bunnings was able to speed up time to hire and reduce hiring costs by 90%.

The additional benefit of PredictiveHire is that all interviews
are ‘blind’ reducing bias resulting in more diverse hiring. A Bunnings HR Manager said the product had fundamentally improved the way they recruit by being both more efficient and a fairer process for all.
Using frontier technology and a unique proprietary data asset, PredictiveHire hopes to break new ground in South Africa where mobile adoption has always been ahead of the curve.

“We’re very excited to be launching in South Africa,” said
CEO Barb Hyman. “This is a key market for us, and we’re looking forward to improving recruitment for both candidates and employees.”

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