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Why everyone loves Super Stick…

Marlin’s Super Stick is now housed in new packaging, but it’s not all about better appearance for the product. The glue stick – that comes in three individual sizes as well as a three-pack – also features improved quality and provides great value for just about everyone as a recent home-tester study showed.

| Freedom Stationery

Super Stick received such wide acclaim because of its easy application, its strength, long-lasting effect, and for the value it provides at its price point. Added to that was the fact that moms loved that the product was acid-free.

Where glue sticks were limited to a few options on stationery shelves, Marlin’s Super Stick represents a true competitor in the market with its distinct new-look packaging and the level of quality consumers are enjoying.

Super Stick also can be used at home, in school, and in offices – further proving its versatility and its popularity within the stationery space.

Try Marlin’s Super Stick today. Available at all major retailers, nationwide.

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