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Kasi search and save offers a huge range of searchable promotional deals

Kasinomics with a tech partner have just launched a new web based deal finding website for the kasi sector called Kasi Search & Save - .

Kasi Search & Save is the first product of its kind which offers a huge range of searchable promotional deals and pricing at thousands of wholesalers and retailers countrywide. The typical trader owning a spaza shop, a spazarette, a fast food outlet, even a caterer will use physical broadsheets to find the best deals at wholesalers. Equally shoppers have developed a broadsheet culture where shopping lists are generated from broadsheets.

Enter Kasi Search & Save, now traders & shoppers can save hours plus more importantly save lots of money by searching for specials and never miss a deal where they may have missed a physical broadsheet or deal. Search fields include by brand, product, outlet, region, pack size, bulk or retail among many others.

In addition any outlet with its own broadsheets can share their broadsheets with KS&S and we will load them, opening up the world of online to smaller independent traders and wholesalers.

Launched this week to the informal trade, we are getting great responses and signups. #kasinomicrevolution #informaleconomy #kasinomics #kasisearchandsave  or email [email protected]






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