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New FileMaker 19 Development for Inventory Management and Stocktaking.

Explore this exciting software solution with Ancorp and we will work in tandem with you to bring a more efficient process to your inventory requirements.

| Joseph Ancer

Inventory Administration includes;

- Order Management
- Goods Received
- Goods Dispatched
- Stocktake Management  (Full & Phased stock takes, including stock take library)
- Transfer Stock between branches / locations

The movement of your inventory item can be tracked from GRN to dispatch and will always update your units on hand at any one time. This Module is solely inventory based. Stock values can be assigned to inventory items through a financial module. You do however have inventory fields to show monetary values.

- Printing and management of Barcodes for;

    - EAN codes
    - Code 128
    - RFID  ( Antenna)
    - Customise other barcodes upon demand

There are two types of Barcoding options, depending upon your budget.

Use any type of Barcode scanner, or as advised, a remote barcode scanner;

The OPN2001 is a pocket memory scanner, enabling convenient barcode data collection. This device enables storage and removal of barcode scans. The collected barcodes can be transmitted by a USB cable.This small and lightweight device is equipped with a memory that can store more than 15,000 barcodes.

RFID Technology allows one to execute business processes more quickly and easily where due to
radio frequency, no human intervention is required to read data. A typical stocktake can take up to a few minutes only, and resulting in a reduction of human errors that occur with manual data recording.

 If you have an interest therein, please let us know by emailing us at  [email protected]

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