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SA brand Sanitouch gets European Union seal of approval

South African manufacturer Infection Protection Products’ Sanitouch brand has passed the necessary European Standard tests proving its efficacy against the Covid-19 virus.

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An internationally UKAS accredited testing laboratory performed the testing on Sanitouch’s products including their pre-saturated wipe range of trolley wipes, hand and surface sanitiser range, medical products and alcohol free products, all of which passed the Coronavirus EU 14476 tests.


The European Standard applies to products that are typically used in the medical environment and includes all hygienic hand rubs and hand sanitisers, hygienic hand wash, and surface disinfection by wiping or spraying.

This approval is positive news for South African consumers, particularly those who know and trust the Saniwipe trolley wipe.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic Sanispray and Medigiene were the only two certified hand sanitisers in South Africa which carried the SABS 490 (the specific mark for alcohol-based sanitisers) and SABS 1853 (a sanitiser formulation approved for use in food areas) mark. SABS mark certification requires surveillance audits at the manufacturing facilities twice a year. Many sanitisers claim compliance to these marks but are in fact not certified SABS mark holders. 

As a result of a countrywide shortage of alcohol during the early months of the pandemic, Infection Protection Products prioritised the limited available alcohol to produce pre-saturated wipes for medical facilities and retailers for use as trolley wipes.

As demand for sanitisers and disinfectant wipes increased, so too have a number of new manufactures emerged, most of whom claim World Health Organisation (WHO) formula compliance or SABS approval. These claims are often not substantiated and very few have the required accreditations. The majority do not have NRCS registration numbers required by South African law for detergent and detergent disinfectants, nor do they comply with basic labelling requirements.  

“The problem is that consumers are being hoodwinked into a false sense of security, believing they are being sprayed with a reputable sanitising fluid when that may not actually be the case,” explains Infection Protection Products marketing director, Annette Devenish.

“We are delighted that the Sanitouch products have received this latest confirmation of their efficacy against the Covid-19 virus from an internationally accredited testing centre, providing consumers with an even greater level of confidence,” she concludes.


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