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Woolworths is launching a new 60-minute delivery service

On Monday (23/11/2020), Woolworths revealed it has plans to take on Checkers’ massively successful Sixty60 delivery service.

Staff Writer | Business Insider SA

In a tweet, the company teased a new service called Woolies Dash, which promises to deliver the chain’s groceries “fast and fresh” within an hour of ordering.


Checkers has been eating its competitors’ lunch with its 60-minute grocery delivery service called Sixty60.

Launched a year ago, the app allows users to shop more than 7,000 products from their smartphone and get their groceries delivered in an hour.

While buying online groceries from Woolworths and Pick n Pay involves booking delivery slots well in advance, Checkers capitalised on the large market for last-minute, urgent grocery shopping. The Sixty60 service has created more than 1,200 jobs.

In its latest results, the Shoprite Group reported that the number of orders on Sixty60 has exploded during lockdown:


Source: Shoprite Holdings

Woolworths’ plans to launch a competitor service will launch the latest salvo in its battle with Checkers, which seeks to win market share away from the upmarket retailer.

Recently, Checkers launched an ad campaign which took a swipe at Woolworths’ plans to keep prices lower.

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