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 Bringing Supply Chain and Business Management Excellence to you!

Annually, professionals with a passion for supply chain management meet at the SAPICS Conference to discuss topics and explore resources relevant to the supply chain profession and benefit from valuable networking opportunities.

Insightful – Inspiring – Exciting – Cutting Edge – Jan-Adrian Craggs, Industrial Engineer – Insync Solutions

  • Intelligent insights from leading supply chain executives and thought leaders in the profession
  • Learn from others in your profession: what works? What doesn’t work? This is real, practical professional development in action, get in on that action!
  • Individual interaction with professional experts.
  • Face to Face knowledge exchange.
  • Fully integrate with your professional community.
  • Share experiences and expertise with other supply chain professionals.
  • Outstanding “take home” value– Use the conference as a springboard towards future ideas tailored to the needs of you and your company
  • Share with others your thoughts, experiences, etc. Conferences are not just for taking. They are also excellent opportunities for giving back to the profession.
  • Network, network, network!
  • Collect actionable tips, statistics and other useful information to share with your team and clients. Where there is more than one attendee from an organisation this multiplies the value that can be derived.
  • Through networking with other professionals and vendors in the industry you are able to gauge the pulse of what is happening and find out what’s new in respect of tools, technologies, and processes.
  • Learn from a variety of “local is lekker” case studies, war stories and presentations alongside internationally renowned industry professionals sharing the latest global trends and strategies.