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CIBUS - Authentic Italian Food Fair




Parma, Italy


Parma Exhibition Center


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 An unprecedented number of the largest Italian food companies have signed up for the 18th Cibus exhibition, a showcase uniting the traditional sectors and new trends within the food and beverage industry.

 All sectors of the food industry will be represented: fresh and cured meats, cheese and dairy products, both fresh and frozen prepared foods, pasta, preserves, condiments, confectionary and baked goods, readyprepared fresh salads, typical and regional produce and much more.

Vegetarian and vegan products will also have a big presence at the exhibition (we have created a sector signpost “VEG” for the stands in these categories), along with products that are organic, low fat, low salt, gluten-free etc.

There are four arenas of interest for this year’s events and news: Special Sections, Conferences & Workshops, the Incoming programme and Events in the City. The special sections and latest products will be housed in Fiere di Parma’s pavilion 7, a reconstruction of the CIBUSèITALIA pavilion from EXPO, now also renovated with a new West entrance.

The special sections will feature a Halal/Kosher area displaying Made in Italy products that are certified Halal and Kosher.

Seafood EXPO is another new area for our exhibitors from the seafood sector: visitors will not only discover their products, but also have the opportunity to interact and participate in related educational events within the specific area workshop.